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Peter, the owner of All About Windows provides experienced technical support for computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system, as well printers, tablets and smart phones. Peter has worked in the computer technical support field since 1991. Here in Virginia he provides ongoing preventative maintenance, upgrade services and repair work for a variety of customers.

Preventative Maintenance


We provide ongoing preventative maintenance for regular customers. For example, one of our customers operates 10 locations, including 9 restaurants and a corporate office. Technical Support is provided for Windows desktop computers, POS machines, smart phones, Wifi routers  and tablets.

Operating Systems & Software


Installation and support is given for various Operating Systems and software packages, like Microsoft Office365, Aloha Restaurant POS and Mobil Apps for use on tablets and smart phones. 



We help our customers select, setup and install computers, tablets, printers, smart phones, Wifi routers and more. Regular maintenance and upgrade work is done to keep the equipment running optimally.

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